Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is a common condition that affects many individuals in Australia. Think about how many times you look down at your phone each day. All those neck muscles work together, but what happens when they call a strike and you suddenly begin to experience sharp pain daily? That’s what we call a serious pain in the neck! Enter professional chiropractic care to save the day. At Beeliar Chiropractic Centre, we provide safe, effective neck pain treatments to relieve discomfort and get you back to enjoying life pain-free. 

Our expert chiropractors take a comprehensive approach to relieving neck pain, considering factors like posture, lifestyle, and overall musculoskeletal health. We may provide additional advice on ergonomics, exercises, and lifestyle modifications to support long-term pain relief and prevention. Book your consultation with our qualified chiropractors today, and we’ll help you determine the best treatment for your neck pain.

Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain Causes

Neck and shoulder pain can be caused by many factors, including poor posture, sleeping in an irregular position, muscle tension, injuries such as muscle strain or whiplash, prolonged use of a desktop or laptop computer, slipped spinal disc, and other lifestyle contributors. Neck pain symptoms can include neck, shoulders, or upper chest pain, stiff neck, and difficulty turning your head. The severity of neck pain can differ from person to person, with some cases clearing up by itself in a few days. In other patients, neck pain can worsen and drastically affect daily life. 

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Poor posture

  • Trauma from accident or sports injury

  • Irregular sleeping position

  • Arthritis

  • Muscle tension

  • Prolonged sitting at a desk, using a laptop or computer

  • Dehydration

  • Stress

  • Lack of exercise

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatments

Chiropractic Adjustments

At Beeliar Chiropractic Centre, we use chiropractic adjustments and treatments to help manage and relieve swelling and discomfort caused by neck and shoulder pain. Our experienced team work closely with you to develop an effective, tailored treatment plan using various chiropractic techniques, including manual adjustments, mobilisation techniques, and exercises to help alleviate neck pain. 

Soft Tissue Therapy

If you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain, undergoing soft tissue therapy can help to relax your muscles and ease discomfort. At Beeliar Chiropractic Centre, we use soft tissue therapy as a comprehensive approach to help alleviate your neck pain and enhance the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments and other treatments. Gentle tissue therapy involves using pressure, massage, stretching, and other methods to release tension and improve blood flow in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia that support your neck and spine. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is an innovative, effective method to naturally help alleviate neck pain using tiny needles placed at specific points on the body. Dry needling treatments can help with inflammation, muscle spasms, nerve compression, and other chronic conditions. Also, dry needling can help balance your energy, reduce stress, and boost your mood and immune system! Our chiropractors use dry-needling as an additional treatment for chiropractic adjustments and other therapies for optimal neck pain relief.

At-Home Neck Pain Relief

Whether your lifestyle demands you to be on your feet, at a desk or on a sports field daily, neck pain is experienced by almost everyone at some point in their lives. But how can you best manage it on a day-to-day basis? Our Beeliar chiropractors are here to help you relieve neck pain no matter where you are in your day. If you’re experiencing neck pain, there are a few things you can do to help relieve the discomfort. 

  • Try to avoid any activities or positions that cause pain. This may mean adjusting your workstation or changing the way you sleep. 
  • Apply heat or ice therapy to help reduce inflammation and soothe sore neck and shoulder muscles. 
  • Gentle stretching and massage can provide effective neck pain relief. 
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers or muscle relaxants may be helpful, but be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any medication. 
  • Remember to take breaks and practice good posture throughout the day to prevent neck pain.

Ice and Heat

Applying ice or heat to the painful neck or shoulder area can help relieve neck pain quickly. Ice reduces inflammation, while heat relaxes stiff muscles. Alternate the two for about 20 minutes several times a day for best results.

Gentle Stretching

Simple exercises to relieve neck pain and stiffness can be done at home or at your desk. Rolling your shoulders backward and then forward in a circle, pressing your shoulder blades together lightly, and doing slow range-of-motion exercises, up and down, side to side, and from ear to ear, can help to stretch the neck muscles gently.

Take Breaks and Practice Good Posture

Subtle lifestyle adjustments can help reduce and prevent neck pain, like taking a break from your computer or phone and being more mindful of your posture. If you find yourself consistently waking up with a sore or stiff neck, consider adjusting your sleeping position or trying a new pillow (psst… talk to our chiros about the best fit for you!).

Schedule Your Neck Pain Treatment

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